N7614 State Rd 120
East Troy, WI 53120



Marge O’Leary
Proprietor of The Tea House

    • Vibrational Sound Healing (which uses beautiful crystal bowls for aligning & balancing the body’s energy centers).
    • She is also in the process of completing a course in Holistic Health that allows her to offer more direction and focus on well-being and herbal teas.


Sound Healing

Vibration/Energy Medicine is a researched, effective form of healing and an easy path to connecting with the body’s inner intelligence and life force energy.  Explore the possibilities, experience growth and get connected.

Sound Therapy Supports

  • Opening & realignment of the energy centers with vibrational sound instruments
  • Increased energy/vibrancy
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Reconnection with your inner healing
  • Overall improved health and well-being



SoulCollage® is a fun process that anyone can do. Founder, Seena Frost, describes SoulCollage® in her new book, SoulCollage® Evolving,and on Frost’s CDs. People make a deck of collaged cards, one card at a time. The SoulCollage® deck represents the self as a whole and each card images one part of that self. People use their SoulCollage® cards to access their own inner wisdom and find direction by reading their cards individually or in groups. Sharing SoulCollage® cards is an enjoyable, enriching way to deepen intimacy and strengthen community.