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Sarah D. Karnes / Spiritual Nourishment


Sarah new Sarah D. Karnes / Spiritual Nourishment
Midwest Coordinator for the Way of the Heart

Email: Sarah@thewayoftheheart.com

Sarah is available for private or group sessions throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois.

  • Range of Motion movement sessions
  • Life Mission coaching and integration sessions
  • Foodstyles coaching for individuals and groups
  • Integration sessions (Attitude adjustments that turn stress to success!)
  • Field level Feng Shui consultations
  • The Way of the Heart™ seminars- A way is offered to transform self identity, patterns, problems and difficulties and to deepen divine self-awareness, intuition and the power to act from the freedom of real choice. This blending of causal field and shadow work, intention and breath work create a process and outcome that is profoundly deep and unique, yet encompasses and supports all other paths.

Sarah Karnes is an advocate for consciousness, compassion and loving life.  She is the parent of two young adults and a Life Mission coach/facilitator.  She is also especially grateful to be the Midwest Coordinator for The Way of the Heart, an International Organization devoted to empowering individual and collective life purpose.  In her practice, Spiritual Nourishment, she inspires transformation of the “raw” ingredients of life into digestible and accessible life force. Sarah especially appreciates relationship goals and challenges (with self, divinity and others) as well as supporting the shift from reaction to Response-ability.